Advance Praise for Pages of Promises

“Pages of Promises is the best book I’ve ever read. It’s destined for a Pulitzer, and I truly believe that all of the world’s problems would be solved if everyone took the time to read it. There. We’re even now.”
– Joe Seals – Stephen’s Childhood Friend
Owed Stephen $25 since the 11th Grade.

“Stevie has written some of the scariest tales I’ve ever read. He is a literary genius and I’m glad he learned to write better than he cleaned his room.”
– Delores Price – Stephen’s Mother
Excerpt from 12 page letter to publisher singing the many praises of Stephen James Price.

“I knew it! I knew that kid was pure evil the first time I ever laid eyes on him.”
– Sister Mary Agnes – Stephen’s 8th Grade Teacher


One Response to “Advance Praise for Pages of Promises”

  1. Jamie Sorenson Says:

    You are so funny. Seriously, you need to write more humor. I love it!

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