Pages of Promises – Amazon Review

4.0 out of 5 stars Effortless, brilliant storytelling, June 14, 2010
By Harper Hull (SC via UK)

This review is from: Pages of Promises (Kindle Edition)

Mr Price has a way with words – the stories contained in this collection fly by, it’s so easy to read them, get lost and shoot out the other side without even realising you’d got there. The bloody, twisted and often funny tales in this book cover all sorts of subject matter, from classic horror conventions (given a sharp twist) to very personal scenarios from the mind of the author – one thing they all have in common is a snap of an ending that will make you recoil, scream, laugh – possibly all three at once. My favourites include ‘Damn, I Hate Stephen King’ (simple but effective story for married couples!) ‘The Final Chapter’ (a great yarn about a chap who takes rubbings of grave stones) and ‘One Man’s Angel’ (do you make your own luck or is something bigger in control?)

Summary – outstanding collection of bite-sized horror shorts, recommended heartily. Look forward to more in the future from Mr Price.


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