Ghostwriter Publication introduces the eChap

The eChap is our brand name for the electronic or digital chapbook.  Although most of the writers and avid readers lurking the dark, musty hallways of the internet are familiar with chapbooks, I’ve recently been asked exactly what one was. A chapbook is a small book containing poems, ballads, stories or religious tracts. They’ve been around since the 16th century. In the 1800’s they became popular as “Dime Novels” in the US and “Penny Dreadfuls” in the UK. Ghostwriter Publications (GWP) is one of the few publishing houses that still produces a large array of  hardcopy versions of the Penny Dreadful in the UK.

I love short stories. I love to read them, and I love to write them. I have a variety of short story collections, anthologies and chapbooks in my personal library. When I don’t have the time to commit to an 80,000+ word novel, it’s nice to be able to read two- to ten-thousand words and reach a satisfying ending.  Now, I can even read them on my phone.

GWP is releasing a series of digital chapbooks. Their authors range from the previously unknown to some very established names.

Our eChaps will allow the reader to test the waters from a large pool of new talent or to get a quick fix on some of their favorite authors.

Check back for details about each new and exciting eChap release.




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