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Most self publishers don’t have a background in graphic design and find the task of laying out their book to be a very daunting project.  The thought of learning typeface and font styles and sizes, front matter (preliminaries), margins, headers and footers, text flow, orphans and widows (yes, these are actual layout terms) and back matter is downright scary to most authors who would be better off writing their next novel than formatting their last one.

If you’ve completed an eBook, you probably have a simplified formatted file and a front cover.  That’s really all you need to enter the exploding eBook market, but many authors also want the hard copy book to go along with the electronic version (I have both.) Whether it’s personal (my mother and wife wanted a paperback) or financial (copies are selling), I think it’s a good idea to keep a foot in each corner (new electronic market and old-school hard copy market.)

I am a writer and a professional photographer with a background in graphics design and I offer a manuscript layout and back cover creation service that will take your electronic files and turn them into a formatted PDF file suitable for printing.  I have formatted fiction, non-fiction, text books, picture books, graphic novels, comic books and instruction manuals.

I also offer an ebook service if you’ve completed your manuscript but don’t have the electronic format available to readers yet.  

My formatting and layout services require a completed (edited and polished) version of your book.  If you need editing services, I can direct you to the best in the industry.

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Author Comments:

“Stephen James Price uses his expertise to create polished, professional documents that convert easily into beautifully-formatted paperback books. He was able to complete my book’s cover and format the entire novel efficiently and with an artist’s eye toward creating a pleasing, professional physical book. Perhaps even more importantly, he offered his insight into the ever-changing world of publishing and helped guide this novice self-published author through the sometimes overwhelming steps leading to publication. I am indebted to him and every time someone holds one of my books, I am reminded how lucky I am to have found someone who is not only a professional author and book designer, but a true fan of books and genuine ally to burgeoning authors. I look forward to using his service for every book I publish.”

-J.T. Warren, author of Hudson House, available on Amazon

“I have high standards for my work, and I trust my book layout to Stephen Price. He understands the reader experience.” –

-Scott Nicholson, author of The Red Church, Skull Ring, Speed Dating with the Dead, Forever Never Ends,

“Stephen Price turned my books into polished manuscripts that looks as professional as anything I’ve ever read.”

-Stephen M. Sullivan, author of The US Error Note Encyclopedia and Small Sized High Denomination Notes

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