Pages of Promises – Amazon Review

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4.0 out of 5 stars Effortless, brilliant storytelling, June 14, 2010
By Harper Hull (SC via UK)

This review is from: Pages of Promises (Kindle Edition)

Mr Price has a way with words – the stories contained in this collection fly by, it’s so easy to read them, get lost and shoot out the other side without even realising you’d got there. The bloody, twisted and often funny tales in this book cover all sorts of subject matter, from classic horror conventions (given a sharp twist) to very personal scenarios from the mind of the author – one thing they all have in common is a snap of an ending that will make you recoil, scream, laugh – possibly all three at once. My favourites include ‘Damn, I Hate Stephen King’ (simple but effective story for married couples!) ‘The Final Chapter’ (a great yarn about a chap who takes rubbings of grave stones) and ‘One Man’s Angel’ (do you make your own luck or is something bigger in control?)

Summary – outstanding collection of bite-sized horror shorts, recommended heartily. Look forward to more in the future from Mr Price.


Bentley Little Praises Pages

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Pages and Promises – The eBook Edition

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The eBook edition has been formally released.

You can currently find the Kindle version here.

Other formats including HTML and JavaScript (online reading), ePub (for Stanza Reader), PDF, RTF, LRF (for Sony Reader), Palm Doc and plain text (no formatting) can be found here.

The Trade Paperback edition will be released very soon.

Advance Praise for Pages of Promises

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“Pages of Promises is the best book I’ve ever read. It’s destined for a Pulitzer, and I truly believe that all of the world’s problems would be solved if everyone took the time to read it. There. We’re even now.”
– Joe Seals – Stephen’s Childhood Friend
Owed Stephen $25 since the 11th Grade.

“Stevie has written some of the scariest tales I’ve ever read. He is a literary genius and I’m glad he learned to write better than he cleaned his room.”
– Delores Price – Stephen’s Mother
Excerpt from 12 page letter to publisher singing the many praises of Stephen James Price.

“I knew it! I knew that kid was pure evil the first time I ever laid eyes on him.”
– Sister Mary Agnes – Stephen’s 8th Grade Teacher

Grave Conditions

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My story, “My New Dog,” will be appearing in Issue #3 of the Grave Conditions comic series.

The comic pages were drawn by the talented artist, Levi Walton.

The 3 issues of Grave Conditions will be available for digital download, and collected into a trade paperback anthology. It can be ordered through Haunted Computer Press or a variety of other digital comic outlets.

The story features my family (and pretty damned good comic likenesses of each of us.) Here’s the credit example of me before my morning injection of caffeine.

Check it out. You won’t be sorry.

The Outsiders – Table of Contents

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The Table of Contents for The Outsiders has been released.

Dr Chadwick’s Party – Barry J. House
Lurker – Peter Mark May
Old Slippery – Stuart Neild
Old Cognac & New Leather – David Niall Wilson
Man’s Best Friend – Stephen James Price
Haunted – Scott Nicholson
Lucky – Brooke Vaughn
The Growling – David Jeffery
The Curious Obsession of Matthew Deacon – Richard Tyndall
Myth – Ian Faulkner
The Sun Trap – Rhys Hughes
Celeste – Neil Jackson
Brotherhood of the Thorns – William Meikle

Looks like in the midst of some pretty awesome writers.

The Oustiders

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My story, “Man’s Best Friend,” will be appearing in the anthology The Outsiders being published by Ghost Writer Publications.

Be sure to check it out.